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Discovery Call Script

Discovery Call Script

Some companies do not need a 2 call closing strategy, if you don't need this - move directly to the main closing sales script. Your goal with this call is to gather information, pull out pain points, determine BANT, and get them to move along to the next sales call. We want them to be warmed up, excited, and doing their homework on the company before the final call with a Closer. This script is essentially just the beginning part of the regular script, with some minor tweaks. Keep these short - 15-30 min MAX

How do you determine if a prospect is qualified? B.A.N.T = Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline.


Do they have the budget to invest in your offer?


Are they the final decision maker? Do they need a boss or a wife's approval?


What pain points did they exhibit that shows they NEED to change their situation?


Is this something that is feasible for them to take action on in the next 90 days? (or however long is a reasonable time for your offer)

The start of the call

Introduction, Agenda, Take Control

Hi (name), how's your week going?

Where are you calling from today?

Alrighty, well we can just dive right in and get started, that sound good to you?

Okay so here is the overview of the call, this will be super brief, I want to make sure I honor both of our time and we can see if it makes sense to continue the conversation at the end!

  • I'm going to start off by asking you some questions about your current situation
  • Then, If it sounds like we can help and like we would be a good fit to work together, I'll briefly go over what it is that we even offer.
  • Lastly, if we make it through to the end and we feel like there's some synergy to work together I'll move you along in the process and we can schedule the next steps.

Fair Enough?

Great. This call is mostly about you, but before we get into it, I’ll quickly share a little about myself.

My name is {Your Name}, and I’m the {Director of enrollment} {CEO} {Founder} at {Company Name}

  1. List a massive achievement in your business / career life to set high status
  2. List another massive achievement in your personal life to set high status (keep them short and concise)
  3. Make a joke about something you suck at that's irrelevant to the job (show humility and gain trust) Ex. And I'm the worlds worst golfer so please don't ask me any questions regarding it.

In all seriousness - I've been helping people like yourself achieve {desired outcome} for a while now, so if you have any questions during this call, just interrupt me and I’ll answer them.

Sound good?

Okay so now that you know I'm {list the joke of the thing you are terrible at} I need to learn more about you! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Okay, great...and don't be shy, the more info I have the more I can see if it makes sense to continue the conversation.

Gather Information & Determine If It's A Fit

Current Situation - BANT
  • So, what motivated you to join me today? What really piqued your interest? (NEED)
    • Tell me more...
      • What do you mean by...?
        • How long have you been dealing with this?
  • In your own words, as simple as possible, explain to me what it is that you do?
  • How are you guys currently handling {whatever problem your solution helps them do}? (NEED)
  • What is your current {metric 1 - that you help with}?...Just an estimate…
  • What is your current {metric 2 - that you help with}?...Just an estimate…
  • What is your current {metric 3 - that you help with}?...Just ballpark…
  • What is this costing you?...Again, just ballpark it...(Could be time, money, clarity, etc...give them some ideas) (NEED)
  • How much money do you think you are making per month? Again, just ballpark. (BUDGET)
  • And do you guys have money that you reinvest back into your company to fix issues like this? I'm curious how much you're actually willing to reinvest back into the business - that usually gives me an idea of how much action someone's taking to fix the problems at hand (BUDGET)
  • Okay, I know that some problems are more important than others. How committed to solving this are you? Is this a threat level 10 or more of a back burner thing? (TIMELINE)

Okay, all great info - If you could briefly summarize how you feel about the current situation you're in what would you say? (one sentence or less if you wanna keep it short)

Confirm Decision Making Process
  • Okay, awesome this has given me great before I share what we offer, hypothetically speaking, would you be the person who ultimately gives the green light on things like this, or would we need to loop someone in on another call? I only ask just so that I have a clear view of the decision-making process and I don't waste any of your time. (Authority)
Acknowledge Situation Get Permission To Share The Offer

Alright {name}, based on what you told me, what we do here sounds like a perfect fit.

Do you have any idea what it is that we actually do? (They won't)

Okay, worries - let me just give you the 50,000 foot overview.

Pitching Our Product

Pitch The Offer & Provide Evidence Of The Big Claim

So essentially we help {Their niche} achieve {their desired outcome} by {simplest possible method}

Here's 3 quick examples for you of our track record (breeze through these):

  1. Insert case study number one {who the client is, their lowest starting metric, their highest ending metric, any unique kind words from them}
  2. Insert case study number two {who the client is, their lowest starting metric, their highest ending metric, any unique kind words from them}
  3. Insert case study number three {who the client is, their lowest starting metric, their highest ending metric, any unique kind words from them}

Walk them through your Offer Mock-Up Here and explain things AS simply as you possibly can

Here is an example one:

Booking The Next Call (Closing)

Getting them on the calendar to close

So I know we are limited on time, but before we hop off here - what are your initial thoughts? How do you see yourself using this?

Alright well let's do this - let's schedule a time where we can hop on and get into the weeds on exactly how we can help you guys and I'll give you the full rundown so we can come to a decision on whether or not we should work together. Sound good?

Great - I like to make sure action gets taken, let's book this within the next 3 days here what times work best for you?

Awesome and what's your email? I'll send over the invitation right now and we will be all set.


Good to go! Perfect, well appreciate the time and I'm excited to share with you guys what we can do I think you're going to be very pleasantly surprised.

Talk to you here in a few days - have a great rest of the week, bubye.

Objections: (Fill as you go)

Objection 1
Objection 2
Objection 3

Common Questions Asked: (Fill as you go)

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3

Did Not Move To The Closing Call

If you didn't schedule a closing call, set up follow ups, or deem bad fit.

First, try to schedule the sales closing call, if this doesn't work you can add them to a campaign to send them more information. If they aren't interested in more information, you can deem them as a bad fit and move on.

Send Video Follow Up and Bottom Of Funnel Content

Every 2-3 days send check-in/follow up emails to help the prospect along the decision-making process. Include personalized videos using loom.

Prospect Received 5 Follow Ups?

Follow up with personalized messages and videos until prospect either buys, tells you to go away, or completely ghost you. Typically, 5 follow up messages will get you either of those endpoints.