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Discovery Call Script

Discovery Call Script


Some companies do not need a 2 call closing strategy, if you don't need this - move directly to the main closing sales script. Your goal with this call is to gather information, pull out pain points, determine BANT, and get them to move along to the next sales call. We want them to be warmed up, excited, and doing their homework on the company before the final call with a Closer. This script is essentially just the beginning part of the regular script, with some minor tweaks. Keep these short - 15-30 min MAX

How do you determine if a prospect is qualified? B.A.N.T = Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline.


Do they have the budget to invest in your offer?


Are they the final decision maker? Do they need a boss or a wife's approval?


What pain points did they exhibit that shows they NEED to change their situation?


Is this something that is feasible for them to take action on in the next 90 days? (or however long is a reasonable time for your offer)

The start of the call

Introduction, Agenda, Take Control

Gather Information & Determine If It's A Fit

Current Situation - BANT
Confirm Decision Making Process
Acknowledge Situation Get Permission To Share The Offer

Pitching Our Product

Pitch The Offer & Provide Evidence Of The Big Claim

Booking The Next Call (Closing)

Getting them on the calendar to close

Objections: (Fill as you go)

Objection 1
Objection 2
Objection 3

Common Questions Asked: (Fill as you go)

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3

Did Not Move To The Closing Call

If you didn't schedule a closing call, set up follow ups, or deem bad fit.