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Landing Page Template

Landing Page Template

Good Tagline & Attention Grabber

What all should be included on your landing page?
  • Company Name
  • Company Tagline + hyperlinks to different sections
  • Heading
  • Big Claim
  • VSL
  • CALL TO ACTION BUTTON (APPLY NOW) - takes them to next step in sales process
  • case studies & testimonials (database views)
  • Context Section (Answering the most important 4 questions: What, Who, How, Why)
  • Contact Reference area
  • If you want to use notion for you landing pages you can quickly and easily add a custom domain to a notion page using
  • Using notion for landing pages allows you to make quick, easy, frictionless edits. There is less design options, but I prefer simplicity over everything else as you all know.

Here are 3 examples you can see:

We Help (Niche) (Acomplish Desired Outcome) By (Simplest Possible Method)

write a tagline here that includes a BIG CLAIM...or put something clever 🙂

(Embed your Video Sales Letter Here^)

Apply Now

Put call to action under the video - apply button, book a call, embed sign up form, or link You link this apply now button to your application form

Hear From Our Customers

If you do not have testimonials or case studies yet, you can remove this section temporarily but get some ASAP. Link your case-study database from the templates we created earlier...

To Give Some Additional Context...

Answer these questions and keep it short (2-3 sentences each max, example using my offer):

What is it?

Sales Operating System is a 6-week online program with instantly duplicatable notion templates, live Q&A calls, and a thriving community of entrepreneurs. It shows you how to scale a business rapidly by quickly engineering the best sales process in the digital age.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs who are looking to scale rapidly while also removing themselves from the process. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge, experience, technical ability, or age.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, implement the templated systems and processes, and start building your sales machine step by step. Ask questions in the online community or on live Q&A calls. You get lifetime access to the material.

Why does it exist?

There was nothing that showed a business owner the SIMPLE steps to generating a cash-producing machine. Sales Operating System not only gives you the why... it gives extremely simple and actionable templates to recreate entire processes in a matter of minutes.

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