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Nadabot Omnichannel Outreach Software Training

Nadabot Omnichannel Outreach Software Training

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How to connect your email via SMTP

How to pull a sales navigator search result


Example message to a targeted lead list

Hey {{FirstName}},

PERSONAL LINE #1 (Why you're reaching out to THEM specifically and HOW you can help - this will immediately get the people not interested to tell you no, which is a good thing) 👇

Example: I help electronics manufacturing companies integrate virtual selling strategies (namely hyper-personalized video outreach) across their sales organization.

Copy you put on every message for video outreach campaigns 👇

I'm actually a little curious about something and honestly, I don't even know if it makes sense to chat.

Would you mind if I sent you over a little personal video I made for you explaining further? (Rest assured, it's FULLY custom to just you)

Then, you can decide whether or not it makes sense for us to talk!

If you are going to leave a sign-off, I always like this one 👇

Thanks in advance,

Your Name

Campaign Sequences

Example Campaign Sequences