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Personal Story Template

Personal Story Template

Vulnerable Origin

Who is the character? (Should be you in this scenario) Where did you come from?
  • Me, Ariana Bolivar, Miami Florida

Intention / Desire

What did you want? (What is something you were trying to accomplish or overcome?) The higher the stakes on the intention, the better. What was your BURNING desire?
  • I wanted to be "skinny"

Struggles & Obstacles

Why couldn't you get what you wanted? What challenges did you encounter along the way? (hardships, roadblocks, setbacks)
  • Fear of judgement, lack of support, lack of education


What were the stakes? What will happen if they don’t get what they want?
  • I would never love myself


Who or what helps them? How do they get what they want?
  • Motivation, education, self love


How are they transformed by this experience? What is the big takeaway and how does this tie into why you're here making this video right NOW?
  • Self love is never going to be acquired through reaching a point you want to be at, It is what helps you get to the point you want to be at.

Put The Story Together

  • Now that all of the components for a great personal anecdote are there. Piece them together in the SHORTEST possible format. The goal for video outreach is to keep them under 2 minutes total, meaning your personal story can only take up 45sec-1min max of that time.
  • First piece it all together below in a fluid format, then cut out any parts you can do without.
  • Practice reading the story out loud with mannerisms included several times. Chop it down until you reach that smooth 45sec-1min mark.


Go ahead and type your story here πŸ™‚...


Example: "Seeing your background in athletics struck a chord with me. I played football in high school and always wanted to play for Ohio State in College but I was undersized and completely un-recruited. If I would've told someone that was my goal at the time they would've laughed. My biggest believer though was my grandpa and right before he passed away my freshman year of college I promised him I'd somehow make the team. I couldn't go back on my word now. After several failed attempts, many lonely workouts, and plenty of doubt...I made the team. I was even fortunate enough to go on to win a Big 10 Champion & Cotton Bowl Champion as well. The accolades were great, but keeping my promise to my grandpa and learning how to keep going in spite of so many failures changed my entire outlook on life. I'm sure on your athletic endeavors you learned the same. Plus the free food was UNBEATABLE haha."

Seeing the amount of success that you've accomplished through the course of your life, I bet that believing in yourself would have been the key ingredient to get to where you have been. Most of my life I was overweight and I thought that once I was "skinny" I would then be allowed to love myself, when in reality, I would've been more successful -and healthier- throughout my journey if I would've believed in myself from the start. I'm sure your path wasn't a whiff of fresh air at first but I guess that's why they say if its easy its not worth having !