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Pricing & ROI Justification

Pricing & ROI Justification

Determining Price
How To Prove The Expected Value To A Customer (1/10th model)

Finalized Pricing Questions

What is our price?

(any and all products and services)

Are there any payment plans?


What do other similar products or services cost?

How do we justify the ROI?

(give concrete examples & proof if possible)

  • Example: Our digital marketing company consistently produces 50 leads a month for our clients and has an incredibly strong track record. One client to your company is worth $10,000 a month. If we can convert on just 20% of these leads (industry standard), that's a $100,000 you could bring in. Given our track record and your brand and sales team I think realistically it's a 50% chance we could make that happen. $100,000 x 50% is an expected value of $50,000. Due to the monster of a machine we have built I'm willing to offer this to you for just $5,000 a month. That is a 10x ROI on your money, and if you don't see the value after month 1, we part ways.

Is there a way to offer a guarantee or risk removal?