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Sales Script

Sales Script

The start of the call

Introduction, Agenda, Take Control

Gather Information & Determine If It's A Fit

Current Situation
Future Situation
Confirm Decision Making Process
Acknowledge Situation Get Permission To Share The Offer

Pitching Our Product

Pitch The Offer & Provide Evidence Of The Big Claim
Ensure The Prospect Is Bought In

Closing: (flipping the script and stealing the frame)


Wrapping Up The Call

Give them next steps and an action plan
Build Quick Personal Rapport before hopping off (settle back down)

Objections: (Fill as you go)

Objection 1
Objection 2
Objection 3
Objection 4
Objection 5

Common Questions Asked: (Fill as you go)

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5

Did Not Close

Set a deadline on offer, schedule a follow-up call, or deem a bad fit.