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Sales Script

Sales Script

The start of the call

Introduction, Agenda, Take Control

Hi (name), how's your week going?

Where are you calling from today?

Alrighty, well we can just dive right in and get started, that sound good to you?

Real quick, did you have a chance to go through the pre-call material?

Okay so here is the overview of the call

  • I'm going to start off by asking you some questions about your current situation and the application you sent through
  • Then, If it sounds like we can help and like we would be a good fit to work together, I'll explain what it is that we offer and how everything works
  • Lastly, if we make it through to the end, we should be in a place where you can make a decision on moving forward or not

Fair Enough?

Great. This call is mostly about you, but before we get into it, I’ll quickly share a little about myself.

My name is {Your Name}, and I’m the {Director of enrollment} {CEO} {Founder} at {Company Name}

  1. List a massive achievement in your business / career life to set high status
  2. List another massive achievement in your personal life to set high status (keep them short and concise)
  3. Make a joke about something you suck at that's irrelevant to the job (show humility and gain trust) Ex. And I'm the worlds worst golfer so please don't ask me any questions regarding it.

In all seriousness - I've been helping people like yourself achieve {desired outcome} for a while now, so if you have any questions during this call, just interrupt me and I’ll answer them.

Sound good?

Okay so now that you know I'm {list the joke of the thing you are terrible at} I need to learn more about you! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Okay, great...and don't be shy, the more info I have the more I can guide us in the right direction.

Gather Information & Determine If It's A Fit

Current Situation
  • So, what motivated you to join me today? What really piqued your interest?
    • Tell me more...
      • What do you mean by...?
        • How long have you been dealing with this?
  • In your own words, as simple as possible, explain to me what it is that you do?
  • How are you guys currently handling {whatever problem your solution helps them do}?
  • What is your current {metric 1 - that you help with}?...Just an estimate…
  • What is your current {metric 2 - that you help with}?...Just an estimate…
  • What is your current {metric 3 - that you help with}?...Just ballpark…
  • What is this costing you?...Again, just ballpark it...(Could be time, money, clarity, etc...give them some ideas)
  • Why do people buy your products or services? What is the big promise you are offering them? (optional for CEOs)
  • How much money do you think you are making per month? Again, just ballpark.

Okay all great info - If you could briefly summarize how you feel about the current situation you're in what would you say? (one sentence or less if you wanna keep it short)

Future Situation
  • Let's do a visualization activity, let's assume we fast forward {X months} you and me are sitting in a coffee shop. What does your life look like {personally and/or professionally}?
  • What should {metric 1} look like in the next {time frame}?
  • What should {metric 2} look like in the next {time frame}?
  • What should {metric 3} look like in the next {time frame}?
  • Okay, great. And what is stopping you, in your own honest opinion, from hitting this goal on your own?
  • Okay, I know that some problems are more important than others. How committed to solving this are you? Is this a threat level 10 or more of a backburner thing?
  • Okay and lastly - this is kind of a weird one, you really gotta visualize for it, but let's say you are successful and it all goes according to plan...I want you to pretend you are a couple months past hitting these goals and looking back on them now, what do you feel like? (optional - is great to know their desired feelings though)
Confirm Decision Making Process
  • Okay, awesome this has given me great before I share what we offer, hypothetically speaking if we could actually solve a meaningful problem for you, prove to you that we could deliver results, price it such that you get a strong return, and eliminate any downside to working with us, would you be the person who ultimately gives the green light? I only ask just so that I have a clear view of the decision-making process.
Acknowledge Situation Get Permission To Share The Offer

Alright {name}, based on what you told me, what we do here sounds like a perfect fit.

Do you have any idea what it is that we actually do?

Would you like me to show you the process of how we help people?

Okay, great.

Pitching Our Product

Pitch The Offer & Provide Evidence Of The Big Claim

So essentially we help {Niche} achieve {their desired outcome} by {simplest possible method}

Either walk people through this or walk them through the live visual pitch deck - try both and decide which works better for you. Simplistic visuals always help.

Here's 3 quick examples for you of our track record:

  1. Insert case study number one {who the client is, their lowest starting metric, their highest ending metric, any unique kind words from them}
  2. Insert case study number two {who the client is, their lowest starting metric, their highest ending metric, any unique kind words from them}
  3. Insert case study number three {who the client is, their lowest starting metric, their highest ending metric, any unique kind words from them}

Now how we actually get results for people like this is because of our background"

  1. List bullet about yourself or the company that explains how you got here
  2. List another
  3. List another

So here are the actual steps we take people through to achieve {desired outcome}

  1. step 1 - give any quick demo or explanation (keep it SIMPLE and HIGH LEVEL)
  2. step 2 - give any quick demo or explanation (keep it SIMPLE and HIGH LEVEL)
  3. step 3 - give any quick demo or explanation (keep it SIMPLE and HIGH LEVEL)

Okay so before I move on I know this is a lot of info, but does this make sense? What parts of this resonate with you?

If a prospect challenges any points, provide more evidence and clarity to achieve buy in. Don't move on until they are on the same page with you here

Awesome let's move forward with the HOW.... (share the vehicle or the tangible features that will take them from where they are to where they want to be)

So here are the most important features:

  1. Feature 1
  2. This will increase {metric 1, 2, 3}.

    You will be able to {insert benefit}.

    You will get rid of {insert}.

  3. Feature 2
  4. This will increase {metric 1, 2, 3}.

    You will be able to {insert benefit}.

    You will get rid of {insert}.

  5. Feature 3
  6. This will increase {metric 1, 2, 3}.

    You will be able to {insert benefit}.

    You will get rid of {insert}.

Pitch Deck to use:

Ensure The Prospect Is Bought In

So you tell me, {name}... What specifically do you like about this solution? How do you see yourself using it?

Are there any parts of this that you are confused on the value of?

If the prospect challenges a point or doesn't see the value, figure out where they are confused and SIMPLIFY + PROVIDE EVIDENCE.

Closing: (flipping the script and stealing the frame)


Okay so you have seen what we do: do you want our help?


Awesome we would love to help you out, but of course, our {time, resources, capacity} is finite, what do you think sets you apart from everyone else who is getting on these calls trying to work with us?

Great I like the response, and if you could distill it down, what are the top 3 things you are hoping to get out of working with us?

Okay so to clarify by working with us you will get:

  1. Feature 1
  2. Feature 2
  3. Feature 3
  4. Feature 4
  5. Feature 5

And we will of course be delivering specifically on

  1. List the value point they just gave you
  2. List the value point they just gave you
  3. List the value point they just gave you

Are you ready to hear the price now?

Are you sure? This is my incentive-based pricing so I don't want to reveal it if we aren't ready to move forward right now (optional)...

The investment/price to work with us is ($$$$)


(may handle some objections here)...

What kind of card do you want to use?


Okay, great. I’m excited to work with you…

Let’s get you set up on the platform.

All I need is a bit of info to build out your account.

What’s the full first and last name that will be used for the account

Great. What email will you be using?

Okay, great.

Reiterate Terms And Conditions

Again here are the terms:

  • [payment terms] - paid in full or monthly installments.

Get Payment Information on File




If they don’t want to give the card number over the phone- Send them the payfunnel/deposit link via zoom chat. If the contract is larger, request a credit card to lock in the terms (could be a personal card) and promise to send over the contract to be executed:

What I’ll do is email you a deposit link. I don’t want you to do two things at once, so you go ahead and fill that out while I pull up the calendar and set a date.

Always confirm payment over phone

Get Contract Sent Over & Signed

Wrapping Up The Call

Give them next steps and an action plan

So here’s what you can expect moving forward:

Step 1: You are going to [insert step]

Step 2: You are going to [insert step]

Step 3: You are going to [insert step]

Build Quick Personal Rapport before hopping off (settle back down)

You are going to do very well with our team, I’m excited to for you.

Again, our client success manager will be emailing once your contract is signed with next steps. We very much look forward to helping you. Are there any questions before we end the call?


Objections: (Fill as you go)

Objection 1
Objection 2
Objection 3
Objection 4
Objection 5

Common Questions Asked: (Fill as you go)

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5

Did Not Close

Set a deadline on offer, schedule a follow-up call, or deem a bad fit.

First try to schedule a follow up, if this doesn't work you can give them a deadline on the offer


Okay, so what I’m going to do is send over a recap of this offer and the deadline to submit the deposit.

This recap will include a summary of terms, items, deliverables, case studies, reference lists. Feel free to reach out to any references. I’m also going to send over a recording of this call and some content for you to review.

Let’s pull up the calendar and set a time. How does Thursday at 2pm sound to you?

Just get this deposit submitted by [deadline date].

Send Video Follow Up and Bottom Of Funnel Content

Every 2-3 days send check-in/follow up emails to help the prospect along the decision-making process. Include personalized videos using loom.

Prospect Received 5 Follow Ups?

Follow up with personalized messages and videos until prospect either buys, tells you to go away, or completely ghost you. Typically, 5 follow up messages will get you either of those endpoints.

Add To Nurture Campaign, Mark Opportunity as Lost

If the prospect doesn’t buy, mark the opportunity as lost and add to the nurture campaign to keep yourself top of mind. They could come back in months if they are in a different circumstance.