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Storyteller Job Posting Template

Video Outreach Specialist (Storyteller)

Pay: $15-$20/hr - Part-time


We are hiring for our Video Outreach Specialist (Storyteller) Position! These are the people responsible for doing hyper-personalized video outreach on behalf of [INSERT YOUR COMPANY].

If you're looking to make $15/hr (or more) working just an hour or two extra per day on the side, I suggest you learn more and apply!

You get paid for every single personal video you create AND are incentivized on your performance.

You will learn/gain an extremely valuable skill-set, work wherever and whenever you'd like, and be a part of an amazing team.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Stable internet connection, access to computer, webcam, and the ability to record videos with excellent audio quality in a quiet environment.

How to Apply?

  • Watch the video and apply here: