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Video Outreach Script

Video Outreach Script

Full Written Example

Intro: Grab Attention + Call Out The Obvious + Why Them


Hey {Name}, I'm {Your Name} - I know this is video is coming out of the blue here but I only have 2 minutes so I'll be brief - plus if you don't like me you can just ignore me forever

(don't forget to smile when you're being sarcastic)

So anyway I was looking for {people that have their role} in the {industry} space and you came up. But what really caught my eye was that you {list something extremely obscure about their life that you can relate to; preferably personal life}. {Ask a brief rhetorical question or make a statement about it}

Tell A Personal Story


I'm not sure why but that just triggered a memory...[tell a short, funny, vulnerable, empowering, or somewhat embarrassing story about yourself, USE YOUR PERSONAL STORY FROM EARLIER]....I know, REALLY good way to lead into this video here {laugh a little, don't be a robot}...I promise I'll explain why I'm reaching out here in a second.

Explain The Big Idea


So it should be obvious at this point that I respect what you do and being that you're in the {list their industry space} I figured it would be worth mentioning that the company I'm a part of {list your company name} actually helps {niche} achieve {XYZ} by using {vehicle}. After doing some digging on {them or their company} I feel like we could help you guys by {list something VERY specific about how you could help them & paint the picture}.

The Ask + Pass off


Like I said - we help people in {their industry} all the time and after doing my research on ya I think it's worth having a quick conversation to see if we can be of any help. If we can't, NO WORRIES, we will part ways and I won't bug you anymore. I wouldn't be wasting my own time here if I didn't think we could genuinely be of value so if you are interested I will leave a link in this video to book a call with my team 🙂

Just a heads up → If and when you book the call, that's a link to speak to our (specialized team and/or individual)...they are the experts at this and will be able to help you 100x more than I would be able to. They are amazing at what they do and you'll be able to ask any questions you need. Okay, my time is up - Thank you so much for listening to me ramble, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you soon...Bye!!"