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Who Do We Help & How? (Foundation)

Who Do We Help & How? (Foundation)

These exercises are meant to provide you with the foundational copywriting material that the outreach will be built off of. Take this section seriously and complete all requirements!

Describing The Niche


Who is your customer base and what do these people want?

  • When filling out the niche do this as if it's YOUR best guess....once we fill out the client profiles we will come back and refine the niche as needed
  • The earlier on you are in business the SMALLER the group you need to focus on. Focus on helping 1 person first. Then 10 people like them. Then 100 like them. And so on.....start with 1
  • Your market will naturally grow over time, if you start broad, you will fail
  • It's hard for humans to want to "put themselves in a box" and "limit themselves", but this is precisely the discipline needed to get the initial wins and expand. Remember we are HYPER-PERSONALIZED in our approach, so who's the best target?
  • You want to make someone feel like you're the only one on the planet who's put that much work into solving ONLY their needs
  • Don't jump niches, expand niches ... open up to similar markets and types of people instead of going after an entirely different demographic or type of person
  • ONLY start with one niche down below

Niche Descriptions

Ideal Client Profiles


How to nail ideal client profiles

  • First, look at your current client base if you have one and select the BEST client(s) to use when filling this out
  • If you don't have clients yet, pick who your most ideal client would be out of the niche you described - GO FIND A REAL PERSON
  • Link their social profiles and answer the questions on them
  • We can add to these over time, start with one and pretend like this is a example case study of their success (even if you don't have them as a client yet).

Ideal Client Profiles

Describing Your Company


Who are YOU as a company and how do YOU help these people

  • We have collected all of the information on them, now we need to describe exactly how YOU are going to be of value to them
  • CORE concept, thesis, or argument to the market (best ones are slightly contrarian)
    • This is the foundation for which you started working on the idea, what are you addressing
  • Who you help
    • niche and ideal customer
  • What you help them with
    • What are the actual activities and metrics that we are helping them with
  • Why you help them
    • Who are we and what is our backstory related to this - why are we the experts
  • How you help them
    • What is the unique vehicle or mechanism for transformation, the actual product, or service (what are the actual features & points of difference - better, faster, cheaper)
  • How long it takes to help them [timeframe]
    • What is the expected amount of time to deliver our results
  • BIG CLAIM to the target customer
    • desired transformation we are helping them achieve

Describe YOUR Company

Create A Sample Outreach Video

  • Now in order for our team to be UP to your standards and pitch your unique value properly, we would like to see you create a quick sample video of how you would do outreach to a prospect and pitch the idea
  • Please pick a real person and pretend like you were trying to connect personally, offer some value, and attempt to get them to book a call
  • THIS doesn't have to be perfect, our storytellers are TRAINED assassins when it comes to connecting with people, we are more interested to see the PITCH and VALUE proposition that you layout
  • Download the loom chrome extension and record the video (it's free) You can then just drop the link immediately below in the embed loom section

Any Other Helpful Or Additional Information

(LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search Criteria, Specific Facebook Groups, Instagram Profiles, etc.)