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Describe Your Company (Self Diagnosis)

Describe Your Company (Self Diagnosis)

Core Concept & Thesis:

  • The reason we started this company is that we found {problem} and realized {solution} that was not being done properly. We realized that...

Who do you help:

  • We help {ideal clients} inside the {niche} industry

What do you help with:

  • We help these people go from {current state} to {desired state}. We do this by helping them with {activity, metric, problems}...

Why do you help them (who are you):

  • Our backstory explains how we got into this line of work...{found a problem, searched for solution, couldn't find one, built our own, big success, passion to share with others}
  • Who all is involved - how do they contribute to the backstory...

How you help them:

  • We developed a {unique vehicle for transformation} that gets people from {current state} to {desired state} by using {feature one}, {feature two}, {feature three}. This allows us to be {better, faster, cheaper} than almost anything else out there in existence.

How long it takes to help:

  • We achieve {desired outcome} for people in {niche} in {X timeframe}

Big Claim:

  • We help {Niche} achieve {massive transformation - desired outcome} in {timeframe} by using {vehicle}