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Sample Niche Description

Sample Niche Description

Niche Examples: 1. Head of Marketing (Role) at digital advertising agencies (Vertical) over $1M (Income) in the US (Location). Current Metric - cost per lead > $300, but desires cost per lead < $100. Paid ads are not working well. Don't have any outbound SDRs (problems). 2. Solo Entrepreneur of bootstrapped info product doing between $10k-$100k per month in the US. Current sales closing rates are converting <10%, Desired closing rates >20%, Problem = time is tied up in sales, doesn't know how to hire reps or train them up properly.

Overall Niche

Niche - an overarching description of who you are helping (fill this out last)


Location - The physical or virtual location of the person

Age & Gender - can be a range or %

Industry - The industry in which the person is operating

Role - The role or title the with which the person identifies

Size/Income Level - Number of employees or revenue amount

Life Influencers

Social Media Platforms - Where do they spend their time?

Information Sources - Where do they get their trusted information from?

Who do they follow & listen to - What influencers, podcasts, videos do they watch?

Favorite Books - What are their favorite books to read?

Current State (Where are they now)

Current Activities- What are the current day to day activities they are working on?

Current Tools - What current tools do they use to accomplish their goals?

Current Metrics - Current metrics that are important and where are they at with them

Current Problems / Pain Points - What hurdles or blockages are preventing the person from achieving the desired state

Current Fears & Objections - What fears and objections do they have?

Current Suspicions - What are they suspicious about?

Current (and past) Failures - What have they tried and failed at (when attempting to get their desired outcome)

Desired State (Where they want to be)

Desired Outcome - One tangible overarching result

Desired Metrics - What metrics are preceding that result being able to actually happen

Desired Emotions - What emotions will they feel 1 month after looking back on achieving this result

What maket trends will affect them? - Trends that could have a negative impact if overlooked