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Nadabot Operating System Assets (Entire Workspace)

Nadabot Operating System Assets (Entire Workspace)

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Company Core Values

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  1. Soul
    • Be ALL IN with your actions. If you are going to do something, put your SOUL into it or don't do it. Put everything you have into whatever you are doing and life will reward you. It's the simple things.
  2. Discipline (Compounding Interest Of Your Actions)
    • Be relentlessly consistent with your daily actions. Discipline = Freedom. The actions you take today will reflect on your life over a long period of time far past when you even remembered what you did. Daily small acts of discipline is the key to long-term success.
  3. Extreme Ownership
    • Take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life. Everything is your responsibility. You are accountable for anything that happens to you in life good or bad and regardless of who's "fault" it was. Only when you take full ownership of the problems, can you then give take ownership of the solution.
  4. Imperfect Action
    • Do more, speak less. Action is the only thing that creates results. 1 inch of movement is greater than 10 years of planning. Throw analysis paralysis out the window and GET SHIT DONE. "imperfect action > perfect inaction"
  5. Always go +2 (1% improvements)
    • Look at this math equation: (.99)^365 = 0.03 (1.00)^365 = 1.00
    • (1.01)^365= 37.78

      The point is that getting just 1% better everyday compounds.

      Staying the same gets you nowhere.

      And getting just 1% worse can ruin you.

      Most people do just enough to get by in life (which requires a lot of effort already) not realizing that the life they really want is just 2% away.

      My rule (and I stole this from my football days at Ohio State): Always go plus 2 in whatever you do.

      2 more yards, 2 more reps, 2 more calls, 2 more emails, 2 extra minutes. PLUS 2.

  6. Empathy
    • Be KIND and caring for others. Understand that everyone has their own unique situation and struggles that they deal with that are just as complex as your own. Treat people with utmost respect and empathy. If there's EVER someone in need, help them, even at the expense of yourself or the company or anything else. Care for one another.
  7. Solution Oriented
    • Find the problem, be the solution. If you find a problem, fix it. If you need help fixing it, come with a solution or idea ready before approaching someone else.
  8. Raise Your Energy + Remove Limitations
    • Your energy is felt before your expressions or words even matter. Bring positive, upbeat energy to the table. Check in on yourself and the way you are coming off. Set bigger more exciting goals and don't put limits on yourself or the company. We are all capable of more than we believe.
  9. Honest Communication
    • Have radical transparency and be open and honest in every situation. We can all deal with the hard truths together, we cannot waste time with lies and not being able to trust each other.
  10. Resourceful
    • Don't know how to get something done? Figure it out - you're a smart, capable human. Don't put off onto others what you can do yourself. Do what is needed to get the best information in the most efficient way and then go make things happen.

Team Pages

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Storyteller Team Assets
Sales Team Assets
HR Assets
Nadabot Operating System To-do List

To-Do List

NameTeam Member AssignedDue DatePriorityCompleted?
Duplicate all of the trainings and templates from Nadabot Into our own Notion system
Set up our Notion System and Team Areas where our employees will go to access their training internally
Intro Trainings Complete
Practice what my team will be doing and start sending outreach videos myself while I go through this program
Mindset Trainings Complete
Product Market Fit + Initial Assets Trainings Complete
Systems and Structure Trainings Complete
Lead Generation training Complete
Scaling a storyteller team trainings complete
Scaling a sales team trainings complete
Build out all of the initial templated assets to fit our business
Create any additional SOP's or Team Trainings that are needed
Set up our hiring funnel for new storytellers
Set up our job postings to get applicants
Hire our first storyteller!!!
Pull our first paid lead list and begin running a direct video outreach campaign
Set up structured team meetings for all of our teams
Create a monthly review cycle to check over and update all of our assets
Create a monthly review cycle to check our teams performance and KPI's
Go through the actual Storyteller Trainings and Sales Trainings that your team will be using so you are up to speed on what is being taught to them
Nadabot Ongoing Updates
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Nadabot Operating System Assets (Entire Workspace)

Nadabot Individual Assets + Templates

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