Member Login Copy of Training Bible For Inbound Sales Reps
Copy of Training Bible For Inbound Sales Reps

Copy of Training Bible For Inbound Sales Reps

Welcome to the 0 Percent Family - It's time to build wealth.

This training is mandatory for each and every one of our sales team members to go through. It is designed to help break your limiting beliefs and structure your life to generate consistent income.

Training Bible:

Employee Onboarding Checklist

Company Intro:

How To Use This Training Program
Company Values
Sales Team Rules
Why Listen To Us?
Shift Your Habits Immediately
The Law Of Compounding Interest
My Expectations From You
Defining Your Role On The Team
Who Are We Serving & What Problems Do We Solve?
What Products & Services Do We Offer?
Review The KPI's For Your Team
Testimonials (Use when needed)
Posting Content

Setting Up Your Systems:

Overview Of The Systems Used For Entire Sales Process
How To Use Slack
How To Use Notion
How To Use Loom
Setting up Zoom & Close For Recordings
Calendly Set Up
LinkedIn Profile Set Up

Work Processes:

OWNERSHIP: Tracking & Reverse Engineering Goals
How to show up for meetings
How To Use Our CRM -
Email Templates & Sequencing in Close
Following Up
How To Collect Payments & Send Contracts
Payment Plans and Pricing For Our Programs
Set your goals
What One Perfect Day Of Work Looks Like

Sales Training:

How To Use A Sales Script:
FIA Call Closes (Examples to listen to)
The Croc Brain
Setting The Agenda
THE Pain Funnel
Handling Objections
Converting In The Red Zone / Prospects Limiting Beliefs