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Copy of Sales Script

Copy of Sales Script

  • Needs to be WRITTEN and VALIDATED by the founders of the company first - you cannot outsource this part
  • On a good day, this script is meant to be used as a guideline on HOW to structure the flow of the call, of course, the call will go in certain directions but bring it back on track when needed
  • On a bad day, you can read straight off the a robot, but with better tonality
  • This script should be landing you around a 20% closing rate - if it's not, there needs to be adjustments here or elsewhere in the system
  • Constantly revise and update this script - it's your best friend
  • Write down common objections (and best ways to handle)
  • Write down most common questions (and answers)

The start of the call

Introduction, Agenda, Take Control

Gather Information & Determine If It's A Fit

Current Situation
Future Situation
Confirm Decision Making Process
Acknowledge Situation Get Permission To Share The Offer

Pitching Our Product

Pitch The Offer & Provide Evidence Of The Big Claim
Ensure The Prospect Is Bought In

Closing: (flipping the script and stealing the frame)


Wrapping Up The Call

Give them next steps and an action plan
Build Quick Personal Rapport before hopping off (settle them back down)

Objections: (Fill as you go)

Objection 1
Objection 2
Objection 3
Objection 4
Objection 5

Common Questions Asked: (Fill as you go)

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5

Did Not Close

If you didn't close: set a deadline on offer, schedule a follow up call, or deem a bad fit.