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To-Do List

To-Do List

Here is a detailed list and overview of each task you are responsible for!
NameTeam Member AssignedDue DatePriorityCompleted?
Duplicate all of the trainings and templates from Nadabot Into our own Notion system
Set up our Notion System and Team Areas where our employees will go to access their training internally
Intro Trainings Complete
Practice what my team will be doing and start sending outreach videos myself while I go through this program
Mindset Trainings Complete
Product Market Fit + Initial Assets Trainings Complete
Systems and Structure Trainings Complete
Lead Generation training Complete
Scaling a storyteller team trainings complete
Scaling a sales team trainings complete
Build out all of the initial templated assets to fit our business
Create any additional SOP's or Team Trainings that are needed
Set up our hiring funnel for new storytellers
Set up our job postings to get applicants
Hire our first storyteller!!!
Pull our first paid lead list and begin running a direct video outreach campaign
Set up structured team meetings for all of our teams
Create a monthly review cycle to check over and update all of our assets
Create a monthly review cycle to check our teams performance and KPI's
Go through the actual Storyteller Trainings and Sales Trainings that your team will be using so you are up to speed on what is being taught to them