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0 Percent Case Study

0 Percent Case Study

The most jarring aspect of this case study is the fact that throughout this 6-month process, we tried automation tools alongside the personal video strategy. We sent 219,567 messages from 5 sales reps over the course of 6 months. We also sent 4,713 personal videos. Out of all that outreach, we booked 1,797 discovery calls in which a VAST majority (80%+) came from the personalized video strategy.

Background Info


  • Financial Services & Consulting (Group coaching space)

What do they offer:

  • They offer programs that educate clients on achieving financial independence through the means of credit, income, and wealth management.



  • $800,000 spent on paid advertising over the course of 12 months

Organic outbound messaging:

  • Zero

Number of leads generated through organic outreach:

  • Zero

After 6 months


  • Significant decrease in ad spend (~30-50%)

Organic outbound messaging:

  • 4,713 personal videos sent out

New Qualified Leads:

  • 1797 discovery calls booked
  • 802 Strategy Sessions
  • ~$655,000 In net new revenue generated

Their transformation story:

0 Percent was at a place where they were relying heavily on paid forms of advertising on big social platforms. After having trouble with Facebook ads and realizing the vulnerability of relying on broad ad spend for predictable revenue they decided to make a shift. With the help of Clay, they brought on a team of SDRs and began the video outreach strategy. Needless to say, the results have been great and will only continue to scale.