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Dell Case Study

Dell Case Study

Here is a sample video of one of our founders sending out some personalized outreach:

"When I was working as an Inside Sales Representative, there was an issue I would constantly come across. I always seemed to have to deal with IT managers, IT Directors, and others who ultimately weren't decision-makers. I would have their information, but it's extremely hard to get ahold of C-Levels at companies with hundreds, if not thousands of employees. I knew that if I wanted to get to the decision-makers, I would have to do something that nobody else was doing."

Background Info


  • Marketing/Advertising

What do we offer:

  • HIGHLY Personalized Video Outreach Services

Before using Nadabot's practices:

All of our founders have worked in sales for many different companies. TRUST me, we've tried everything in the book...

Old Lead Generation Tactics:

  • Cold Calls
  • Cold Emails
  • Automated Linked In messaging
  • Automated FB/IG messaging
  • Paid-ads
  • Channel Partners, shout outs, influencer marketing
  • Canned Videos
  • Email campaigns and opt-ins

Old Results:

  • Burning through lead lists
  • Annoying the shit out of people
  • Not facing rejection...just completely being ignored
  • Draining our energy on a daily basis
  • Getting 3 calls booked for every 100 messages...maybe
  • Not having any real relationship with the person we want to do business with
  • Not being excited about what we do

After Using Nadabot's Practices:

New Lead Generation Tactics:

  • HIGHLY personalized, fully custom, video outreach
  • Speaking 1 to 1 and building relationships directly with someone you PUT energy and time into
  • Becoming a master at story-telling and getting people to buy into people, not products
  • Being extremely consistent, persistent, and disciplined over time
  • Finding the right product-market fit and spending time speaking to the CORRECT people

New Results:

  • Had decision makers involved in almost every deal I did
  • Sold nearly double my quota almost every quarter in role
  • Trained other reps internally to do the same, and they also became top reps
  • Became one of the top earning reps in the history of Dell's SMB division.
  • Retained more accounts than any of my peers because of the trust and relationship I had built with the decision-maker within my accounts.

Their transformation story:

I decided if I wanted to hit numbers at Dell that nobody had before, I had to do things nobody had done before. So, I started sending decision-makers hyper-personalized, hyper-targeted video messages. Not only did they love the videos, but I was able to get the decision-maker who needed to be involved in almost every deal I worked on. This is one of the key strategies that allowed me to hit the numbers I did, and ultimately average a 167% attainment of my quota, and what allowed me to be one of the highest-grossing reps ever in Dell’s Small and Medium business division.