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Nadabot Self-Examination Study

Nadabot Self-Examination Study

Here is a sample video of one of our founders sending out some personalized outreach:

When we initially came up with our thesis that PERSONALIZED outreach was the way of the future it was interesting...nobody disagreed. Typically a new thesis has some form of contrarian element to it but in our case...everyone agreed on the underlying principles that automated outreach just simply did not work effectively. The contrarian element we came to figure out is that regardless of this knowledge, NO ONE was practicing the wisdom they already had. That's why we created Nadabot. To give business owners the ability to do what they know to be right, but without it taking all of their own personal time.

Background Info


  • Marketing & Lead Generation

What do we offer:

  • HIGHLY Personalized Video Outreach Services

Before using Nadabot's practices:

All of our founders have worked in sales for many different companies. TRUST me, we've tried everything in the book...

Old Lead Generation Tactics:

  • Cold Calls
  • Cold Emails
  • Automated Linked In messaging
  • Automated FB/IG messaging
  • Paid-ads
  • Channel Partners, shout outs, influencer marketing
  • Canned Videos
  • Email campaigns and opt-ins

Old Results:

  • Burning through lead lists
  • Annoying the shit out of people
  • Not facing rejection...just completely being ignored
  • Draining our energy on a daily basis
  • Getting 3 calls booked for every 1,000 messages...maybe
  • Not having any real relationship with the person we want to do business with
  • Not being excited about what we do

After Using Nadabot's Practices:

New Lead Generation Tactics:

  • HIGHLY personalized, fully custom, video outreach
  • Speaking 1 to 1 and building relationships directly with someone you PUT energy and time into
  • Becoming a master at story-telling and getting people to buy into people, not products
  • Being extremely consistent, persistent, and disciplined over time
  • Finding the right product-market fit and spending time speaking to the CORRECT people

New Results:

  • Booking as many qualified calls as you are willing to take on
  • Doing business with people you actually want to do business with
  • Having energy and enjoying what you are doing
  • Treating people like human beings instead of robots...much more rewarding
  • Genuinely wanting to help others, not extract an ROI out of them (Return on relationship > Return on investment)
  • Having the ability to scale a PREDICTABLE revenue stream and not rely heavily on big tech and paid ads methods that are always changing

Their transformation story:

When we started Nadabot, we had exhausted everything in the book for generating leads. We worked jobs all the way from start-up level to fortune 50 companies, to big tech and beyond. We saw everyone struggling with the same issue trying to generate leads through outbound messaging. We decided instead of 100 cold calls a day, I'm going to send 3 AMAZING videos. If my prospect just watches this video - I guarantee they'll at LEAST respond. We were correct. This was extremely refreshing and re-energizing for both parties and is now the core of what we offer here at Nadabot.