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Sales Operating System Case Study

Sales Operating System Case Study

Within the first two weeks of using Nadabot's Strategies and personalized video outreach, I've generated $4,000 on a COMPLETELY new offer and now have the ability to even retain these customers and replace my old job.

The most enjoyable part about working with Nadabot is that you know your personal reputation and your companies reputation are not only going to be "intact", but also upgraded due to the level of authenticity and personalization in their messaging. It's not like you are ramming automated messages down people's throats and leaving them with the taste of "I don't care about you, I just want your money". The advertising here is the way I've always wished I could do business, I just didn't think it was possible to do it at scale.

Background Info


  • Sales & Consulting

What do they offer:

  • An entire sales operating system for companies in the online service space

Before working with us

Number of consistent calls booked per month:

  • Zero - inconsistent, no strategy

Number of clients

  • Zero - completely new offer

Founders Time Spent On Outreach

  • Hours a day and paying a VA to do outreach

After working with us

Number of consistent calls booked per month:

  • 5 per week (with minimum amount of outreach)

Number of clients

  • 2 in the first 2 weeks (high ticket and one is recurring monthly)

Founders Time Spent On Outreach

  • None and doesn't have to pay a VA for subpar results (and saves their reputation)

Their transformation story:

"Before learning what worked I was trying every strategy I had heard online...I was doing automated outreach and using a VA to send 100 cold messages a day to people on social media or in my network. Not only was it not working, but it was also hurting my reputation. My VA literally sent "Hey (name)" to about 40 people in my network by mistake. Even beyond the lack of attention to detail, there was NO personalization and people could tell. No one wants to do business with someone who doesn't even take the time out of their day to properly reach out and establish an actual relationship. I knew I had to make a change but I just didn't think I would be able to scale up my own organic personal outreach so I figured what was the point. I'm extremely lucky to have learned these lessons over time and that I've been able to implement this personal video strategy.