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Send Hyper-Personalized Video Messages To 10x Your Qualified Lead Flow

The highest converting + most authentic way to drum up new leads All without being a robot 😉



We help businesses deploy best-in-class direct outreach methods that embody the elements of storytelling. Turn anyone on your team into a lead generation ninja today

About Us


What do we do?

We give businesses the tools to deploy teams of highly trained storytellers that do direct outreach better than anyone else on the planet. Why rely on spotty paid ads when you can drag and drop the entire system for predictable in-house lead generation?


How does it work?

1. We give you the infrastructure to do precision direct outreach to your ideal target audience 2. Use our hyper-personalized video outreach tactics to send custom videos that convert any leads who express interest 3. Scale to whatever degree you would like using lead generation ninjas who are trained specifically in the art of storytelling


Who is it for?

This is best suited for businesses with more expensive products & services whose target audience is a little more elusive than most. It's meant for companies looking for more qualified leads to do business with and that can't afford to waste time on the wrong calls. Ideally, a business that needs direct outreach, can't rely solely on paid ads, and doesn't want expensive / poor-performing SDRs.

Why does it exist?

Conversion Driven: 144% more than email, 240% more than texting, 323% more than bulk social posts. Nadabot helps you acquire customers who need your offering with a 1:1 personalized video message. Automated outreach, spraying and praying thousands of messages, and broad paid advertising have never been the answer. People don't care how much you can help them until they know how much you care ABOUT them. People do business with people, not robots.

Case Studies

Case Studies


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